Gold filled jewelry care is as crucial as it is for Fine jewelry, and here are few pointers to guide you.


Here are few pro tips to improve the longevity of your jewelry's shine and quality by simply storing them right.

Make sure all your jewelry pieces are stored individually in separate air tight bags which is provided when you buy them, this is a very travel friendly trick.

Detangle before and after you use or store your dainty chains and earrings, be gentle and patient to avoid breaking the jewelry

Avoid exposing jewelry into humidity or any harsh chemicals by carefully packing them in jewelry boxes or pouches. 


18K Jewelry also needs proper care to keep its shine and to avoid tarnish or scratches on the surface of your jewelry.

Apply all creams and cosmetics prior to putting on your jewelry. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hand lotions, hair spray and other products that might contain chemicals which can affect the luster and shine of the jewelry.

Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry while working out or playing intensive sports to prevent breakage and scratches on the piece.

Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry while swimming in pools or oceans, chlorine and sea salt can be harsh on the 18k/14k gold coating.


We can clean and maintain the jewelry using a micro fiber cloth, gently rubbing with a dry cloth can remove oil and dust, doing this can maintain shine and prevent color loss.

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